Welcome to Pontes Books!

Pontes Books seeks to make Classic stories more accessible than ever before, providing books that serve as a bridge between a reader’s current reading skills and the complex writing styles of Classic authors.

With seven different versions of novels to choose from, there is one to fit almost any reader’s level or preference. All versions contain the same information and page numbers, just at different levels of complexity. 

In addition to releasing multiple versions of Classic novels, Pontes Books will also be releasing videos related to the novels. These videos provide teachers and students with extra information to enhance the experience of reading these Classics, featuring topics like vocabulary, current events, fun facts, and historical tidbits. 

There is much more content to come!


What Do We Offer?

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Books are our primary source of content. They are the backbone of the company and provide the base for our company’s mission of providing readers of all levels and backgrounds with access to the Classics. The original and bridge books are available in digital and print format, while the parallel text versions are only available in text format for now.

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Videos to Support Novels

By following our Pontes Books blog or our social media pages (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook), you can have access to frequent video content that supports the most recent novel release. To start with, all content will be related to The Prince and the Pauper. The videos focus on vocabulary, current events related to the text, fun facts, historical tidbits, and more.

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Other Related Content

Over time, we will be releasing additional content. This content will help to further support teachers who are teaching these Classic novels. This content could include, but is not limited to: reading guides, vocabulary guides, audio recordings, and more! Join our mailing list to receive surveys in the future in order to weigh in on what resources you would like to see.