The Prince and the Pauper – Chapter Twenty – Vocabulary

Have you heard of a hermit crab? Do you know how they got their name? It’s because they will often avoid threats or other things by withdrawing into their shell. Just like our vocab word for The Prince and the Pauper Chapter 20…


Keep reading or watch the video below see how the word ‘hermit’ is used in The Prince and the Pauper.



(n.) someone who isolates themselves

Often done for religious reasons

Emily Dickinson (sort of…)

social butterfly


  • Language of Origin: Greek
  • erēmia (desert), from erēmos (desolate)

Sentences/Additional Forms

  • Straightforward sentence: The man decided to become a hermit after he decided he disagreed with the laws.
  • Sentence from the chapter: “A black frown settled down upon the hermit’s face, and he clenched his bony hands with a vindictive energy.” (p. 129)
  • Other forms: hermitic (adj.), hermitically (adv.), hermitry (n.)

Famous Hermits

  • The Hermit of Gully Lake – William Kitchener Macdonald jumped from a moving troop train to get out of WWII
  • Masafumi Nagasaki- lives on Sotobanari Island (Japan)
  • Agafya Lykov- Fundamentalist of the Russian Orthodox church; fled when Stalin swore to purge all religions
  • Saint Hildegard of Bingen- offered to the church by her family

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