The Prince and the Pauper – Chapter Twenty-Six – Fun Fact

Can you tell when someone is lying to you? Are you sure? Or do you think you are good at lying? Today’s Fun Fact for The Prince and the Pauper Chapter 26 focuses on…


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Reference in The Prince and the Pauper

“A faint tinge appeared for a moment in the lady’s cheek, and she dropped her eyes to the floor; but her voice betrayed no emotion when she proceeded…” (p. 160)

Detecting Lies

  • Lies can be hard to detect
  • One study found people could detect lies 54% of the time
  • Trust your instincts
  • Don’t rely on body language alone
  • Ask them to tell their story in reverse

Detecting Lies

  1. Change in speech patterns
  2. The use non-congruent gestures
  3. Not saying enough
  4. Saying too much
  5. An unusual rise or fall in vocal tone
  6. Direction of their eyes
  7. Covering their mouth or eyes
  8. Excessive fidgeting
  9. Finger pointing
  10. Self-identifying as a “good liar”

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