The Prince and the Pauper – Chapter Twenty-Seven – Current Event

In Chapter 27 of The Prince and the Pauper, Edward really comes to the realization that the laws of England are cruel. He experiences this first-hand and then vows to go back and make changes when he is finally back on the throne. In the Chapter 27 Current Event, we explore a story of another boss who has learned the truth behind his company’s policies…


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Reference in The Prince and the Pauper

“ The King’s eye burned with passion.  He said—

‘None believe in me—neither wilt thou.  But no matter—within the compass of a month thou shalt be free; and more, the laws that have dishonoured thee, and shamed the English name, shall be swept from the statute books.  The world is made wrong; kings should go to school to their own laws, at times, and so learn mercy.’ ” (p. 170)

Here we see Edward reflecting on his experience meeting prisoners in and English prison.

Who is Mark Taylor?

  • Managing Director of Pickfords, Britain’s largest and oldest removal and storage company (around for over 400 years)
  • Mark started as a trainee in 1986
  • Wasn’t highly educated
  • Now a millionaire
  • Decided to go undercover to find why it’s hard to recruit Pickfords staff

What happened?

  • Disguised himself as “Dave”
  • Discovers the brutal living conditions some of his employees face when working overnight jobs for his company
  • He also discovers one of his teams had been relocated and they were working out of a shipping container

So what does he do about it?

  • Hundreds of thousands of children may have gone missing in the last 40 years
  • He said: “This experience has taught me we need to have a better level of pay and give them a direct career path. It’s not just about the money it’s about praising people, listening, they know they’re being looked out for.”
  • He vowed to make some major changes
    • Invest money for a company-wide pay increase
    • He will increase night out allowance
    • Gives check to some individual workers

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