The Prince and the Pauper – Chapter Thirty-One – Historical Tidbit

In Chapter 31, there is much pomp and circumstance surrounding the upcoming coronation. As a part of that, we are introduced to a historical military body that is still in existence today! Our Chapter 31 Historical Tidbit focuses on…


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Part of the parade working its way toward the palace is described here:

“Also in the procession, as a special guard of honour through the city, was the Ancient and Honourable Artillery Company—an organisation already three hundred years old at that time, and the only military body in England possessing the privilege (which it still possesses in our day) of holding itself independent of the commands of Parliament.”
(p. 180-181)

What is the Honourable Artillery Company?

  • Traces back as far as 1087
  • Received a royal charter from Henry VIII in 1537
  • Created for the “better defence of this realm.”
  • Went by many names (first called the Honourable Artillery Company in 1685)
  • It is the oldest regiment in the British Army

The HAC Today

  • Since 1974 it focuses mainly on intelligence, surveillance, target acquisition, and gunnery
  • Work with local academies in Islington and Hackney to work with young people
  • In 1964 it was registered as a charity
  • Current Captain-General: Queen Elizabeth II

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