What’s New for Pontes Books in 2021?

Oh man! Can you believe Pontes Books has only been around for about sixth months??? Here’s a look back at what we accomplished in 2020:

  • Launching our Pontes Books website
  • Launching our social media pages including: Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and others
  • Releasing our first novel: The Prince and the Pauper in seven unique versions (red, orange, yellow, blue, purple, white, and pink)
  • Launching a bi-weekly blog that focuses on vocabulary, history, current events, and fun facts, all related to our first novel release

What can you look forward to in 2021?

We have big plans for 2021! We’re excited about the response we’ve already gotten from the content that has already been released. We can’t wait to release more. Here’s what we have in the works:

Audio versions for The Prince and the Pauper. We hear you! A number of people have reached out to us about providing an audio version for our Pontes Books versions of The Prince and the Pauper, and that is definitely in the plan for the near future! Pontes Books is all about allowing readers at any level to access the Classics, and providing audio versions will open the door to even more individuals.

Games and Activities. In addition to the academic content related to The Prince and the Pauper, we also are intersted in putting together some games and activities related to the content. These could be things like Mad Libs, “choose your own adventure”-type activities, online board games, and more! There is so much to be done with this story, and we want to tap into that.

Exclusive content. Our first goal for this year was to just start getting our name and our products out there. In 2021, we want to focus a little more on rewarding our loyal patrons. People who subscribe to our mailing lists or join our Patreon should be expecting some unique exclusive content in the next year!

A new novel release. And finally last but not least, we will be releasing at least one new novel this year! We don’t want to reveal too much information at this point, but you can be assured that more books are in the works! In the meantime, keep enjoying the Prince and the Pauper content.

Icons made by Freepik from www.flaticon.com

If you have any questions, contact us at admin@pontesbooks.com.

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