The Prince and the Pauper – Chapter Seven – Vocabulary

The vocabulary word for Chapter 7 in The Prince and the Pauper is a versatile one. It is a verb that can be applied to behavior, physics, music, leadership, and all with slightly different meanings. Today we dive into the word…


The word ‘conducted’ comes up in The Prince and the Pauper fourteen times! For this reason, and for the somewhat unique way in which Twain uses it in the story, it became an ideal choice for a vocab word focus. Keep reading or watch the video below to get more information about the word.



(adj) led by a guide
(v) organized and carried out

train conductor
conductor (orchestra/choir)




  • Language of Origin: Latin
  • “conductus” meaning to guide, accompany, and show the way
  • “conducere” meaning to lead or bring together; contribute, serve,
  • “com” = with/together and “ducere” = to lead

Sentences/Additional Forms

  • Straightforward sentence: The committee was conducted to a private meeting room in order to discuss the issue.
  • Sentence from the chapter: “He was presently conducted with much state to a spacious and ornate apartment, where a table was already set for one.” (p. 35)
  • Other forms: conducting (v.), conductible (adj.); conduct (n)

But wait, there’s more!

Below is information about some jobs that involve conducting:

JobDescriptionResponsibilitiesAverage Salary
Train Conductorwork aboard trains and coordinate the daily activities of train crewsOversee loading/unloading of cargoOversee safe and orderly transport of passengersCheck passengers’ ticketsTake payments from passengersAssist passengers as necessaryAnnounce stations$58,780
Music Conductordirect musical performances by orchestras and choral groupsunify performersset the tempoexecute clear preparations and beatslisten critically and shape the sound of the ensembleto control the interpretation and pacing of the music$49,132

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