NEW! – Pontes Books Podcast

Many people prefer the medium of podcasts to videos, since it allows for more flexibility since you can listen to it while out and about. Even though our Youtube videos tied to our blog entries are pretty short, we are now offering the audio from those videos in podcast format!

Where can you find the podcasts?

You might have noticed that on our previous blog posts that relate to The Prince and the Pauper, there is now a button near the top of the page that takes you to Spotify. That is one way to access our podcasts. The button linking to Spotify looks like this:

In addition to linking directly from our blog posts, you can also go to our page on Anchor (by Spotify) by going here. This page links directly to Spotify, lists all of our current and previous podcasts, and also contains a place to message us. It also lists all the other places where our podcast can be found.

Essentially our podcast can be found anywhere where you listen to podcasts. Just search for “Pontes Books” and then subscribe or follow to get alerts every time we release a new episode.

Will the podcasts expand to cover more content in the future?

Right now episodes release twice a week, in conjunction with our podcasts and Youtube videos (on Wednesdays and Saturdays). The only content featured in our podcasts is the audio pulled from our Youtube videos that are tied to our blog posts. But do we have any plans to expand our podcast to include more content that goes beyond our published books? Possibly! Right now we haven’t ruled it out, but currently the focus is to publish more bridge and parallel text versions of novels. The possiblities for the future are endless though!

If you have any questions, contact us at

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