NEW PRODUCT COMING SOON: Animal Farm – Pontes Books Versions

We are THRILLED to announce the release of our second set of novel versions! For our second novel set, we decided to go with Animal Farm by George Orwell.

George Orwell’s timeless allegory can be experienced at multiple levels: on one hand, it tells the story of animals working together with (and against) each other on a small farm in England; on the other hand it showcases the dangerous way key players of the Russian Revolution abused their power. Regardless of which interpretation of the story you choose to focus on, Animal Farm is a cautionary tale with lasting themes which continue to be relevant in a modern-day context.

The Pontes Books versions of Animal Farm make it possible to experience the book in a variety of new ways. With several different versions of the novel available, any reader can find just the right fit.

When will they be available?

The countdown is on! These books will be available on June 1st!

How many versions will be available?

The different levels are as follows:

  • Red (Original Story)– the text in the original author’s words only
  • Yellow (Bridge Version) – contains simplified vocabulary
  • White (Bridge Version) – simplified vocabulary, sentence structure, and shortened by half

In addition to the original and three bridge versions, one thing that is truly unique about Pontes Books is that these books are also offered in parallel text format: the original Orwell version presented side-by-side with one of the bridge versions. This allows any reader to be exposed to the artful language and complex writing of the original author, while still having the support of a bridge version to clarify any confusion.

  • Orange – original (red) version side-by side with the yellow bridge version
  • Pink – original (red) version side-by side with the yellow bridge version

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