The Prince and the Pauper – Chapter Twenty-Two – Fun Fact

Have you ever faked an injury in order to gain sympathy from someone? In Chapter 22, we discover a trick the beggars used in order to get more money from passersby. Today’s Fun Fact for The Prince and the Pauper Chapter 22 focuses on…


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Reference in The Prince and the Pauper

“In pursuance of the first plan, he purposed to put a ‘clime’ upon the King’s leg…’Clime’ was the cant term for a sore, artificially created. To make a clime, the operator made a paste or poultice of unslaked lime, soap, and the rust of old iron, and spread it upon a piece of leather, which was then bound tightly upon the leg.This would presently fret off the skin, and make the flesh raw and angry-looking; blood was then rubbed upon the limb, which, being fully dried, took on a dark and repulsive colour.  Then a bandage of soiled rags was put on in a cleverly careless way which would allow the hideous ulcer to be seen, and move the compassion of the passer-by.” (p. 139)

Why fake a wound?

  • In Tudor England, these criminals were called ‘Counterfeit Cranks’
  • They would fake blindness or pretend to be mute
  • This gained sympathy and money from passersby
  • Nicholas Jennings
    • Caught with fake blood
    • He would paint on injuries
    • He would make about two-weeks’ worth of wages in a day

How to Make a Fake Wound

  1. Gather glue, skin tone makeup, colored eyeshadow, fak blood, toilet paper, and paint/makeup brushes
  2. Tear off toilet paper larger than the wound size you want.
  3. Paint glue onto the place where you want the wound.
  4. Put the toilet paper onto the glue. Allow to dry. Add glue on top of the toilet paper. Continue adding layers.
  5. Apply liquid foundation to blend the paper to your skin tone.
  6. Cut and tear the paper to create the opening in your wound.
  7. Apply red, purple, gray, or black eyeshadow around your “wound”
  8. Put fake blood in the wound.

How to Make a Fake Wound

  • Using Vaseline, eyeshadow, lip gloss, a makeup brush and a toothpick
  • Using stage makeup, and liquid latex

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