The Prince and the Pauper – Chapter Twenty-three – Current Event

There are some stories that you hear about that just make you feel good. Today’s Current Event is one of those stories. In the Chapter 23 Current Event, we explore…

Judge Frank Caprio

Keep reading or watch the video below to find out more.

Reference in The Prince and the Pauper

“‘Oh, good lack, what have I done! God-a-mercy, I would not hang the poor thing for the whole world! Ah, save me from this, your worship—what shall I do, what can I do?’
The justice maintained his judicial composure, and simply said—
‘Doubtless it is allowable to revise the value, since it is not yet writ upon the record.’
‘Then in God’s name call the pig eightpence, and heaven bless the day that freed my conscience of this awesome thing!’

The woman went off crying: Hendon slipped back into the court room, and the constable presently followed, after hiding his prize in some convenient place. The justice wrote a while longer, then read the King a wise and kindly lecture, and sentenced him to a short imprisonment in the common jail, to be followed by a public flogging. ” (p. 144-145)

Here we see Hugo pretending to be sick/injured in order to gain pity (and money) from a stranger.

Who is Judge Caprio?

  • Municipal Court Judge in Providence, RI
  • Hundreds of millions of views on videos
  • Known for showing compassion for people in his courtroom
    • Drops tickets for high schoolers in return for them promising to attend college
    • Listens attentively to those having a hard time

What’s his background?

  • Learned compassion from father, an immigrant from Italy
  • Used to teach high school while he attended law school
  • His brother began filming his proceedings and called the show “Caught in Providence”

What’s happened as a result?

  • Clips of the show gained popularity on Facebook
  • Now there is a show called “The Caprios of Providence” with several of his family members

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