The Prince and the Pauper – Chapter Twenty-Four – Vocabulary

The sense of sight is a powerful thing. Do you have any powerful images from a long time ago that still stick in your mind? Our vocab word for The Prince and the Pauper Chapter 24 focuses on all the wonderful things we see. The vocab word is…


Keep reading or watch the video below see how the word ‘spectacle’ is used in The Prince and the Pauper.



(n.) a public show/display

especially things that are impressive or large

fireworks show
impressive skyline

ordinary scenes


  • Language of Origin: Latin
  • spectaculum (from spectare) = “to watch”

Sentences/Additional Forms

  • Straightforward sentence: The teachers put on quite a spectacle at the all-school assembly.
  • Sentence from the chapter: “Edward the Sixth wondered if the spectacle of a king on his way to jail had ever encountered such marvellous indifference before.” (p. 147)
  • Other forms: spectacles (n.), spectacular (adj.)

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