The Prince and the Pauper – Chapter Thirty-Two – Historical Tidbit

In Chapter 32, we finally reach the moment everyone has been waiting for: “Edward” is finally going to be crowned king! Luckily the real Edward makes it just in the nick of time. Our Chapter 32 Historical Tidbit focuses on…


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Really all of Chapter 32 is about the Coronation, but a few excerpts from the chapter are described here:

“Let us go backward a few hours, and place ourselves in Westminster Abbey, at four o’clock in the morning of this memorable Coronation Day … At last the final act was at hand. The Archbishop of Canterbury lifted up the crown of England from its cushion and held it out over the trembling mock-King’s head.” (p. 186, 189)

The Day Before the Coronation

  • Saturday, February 19th, 1547
  • Edward VI processed out of the Tower of London dressed in white velvet
  • Included Edward’s servants/staff, nobility, council members, etc.
  • Cheapside was richly decorated with many displays

Coronation Day

  • Sunday, February 20, 1547
  • Chronicler Charles Wriothesley recorded the details
  • At 9:00am Edward traveled by barge to Whitehall, then to Westminster Abbey
  • A stage had been built and the throne sat on it, with two cushions
  • The traditional ceremony was condensed due to the king’s age (7 hours instead of 12)
  • There was a banquet to follow

The Steps of the Formal Process

  1. Recognition and Oath
  2. Anointing – consecrated oil is used to make a cross on the monarch’s hands, head, and heart
  3. Investing – spurs/crown jewel (orb, sceptre, etc.) are given to the monarch
  4. Crowning
  5. Enthronement and Homage – monarch sits on throne and people present pay homage to him/her
  6. Closing Procession

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