The Prince and the Pauper – Chapter Thirty-Two – Fun Fact

In Ch. 32 of The Prince and the Pauper, we find ourselves at Edward’s coronation (though for most of the chapter it’s still Tom). As sunlight streams into Westminster on and hits the many royals and nobles, the sight is spectacular to see. The Prince and the Pauper Chapter 32 Fun Fact focuses on…


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Reference in The Prince and the Pauper

“We have seen that this massed array of peeresses is sown thick with diamonds, and we also see that it is a marvellous spectacle—but now we are about to be astonished in earnest. About nine, the clouds suddenly break away and a shaft of sunshine cleaves the mellow atmosphere, and drifts slowly along the ranks of ladies; and every rank it touches flames into a dazzling splendour of many-coloured fires, and we tingle to our finger-tips with the electric thrill that is shot through us by the surprise and the beauty of the spectacle!” (p. 187-188)

Why do diamonds shine?

  • Light goes through diamond and reflects off
  • Reflected light = brilliance
    • Better cuts lead to more brilliance because more light reflects back at the viewer
  • Refracted light = fire
    • Dispersed in spectrum; best cut diamonds have a balance of brilliance and fire
  • Dancing sparkles when a diamond moves = scintillation

What makes a diamond well cut?

  • The cut (angles, shape, facets)
    • “Brilliant cut” = 57 facets (long considered the most sparkling diamond)
    • “Royal 201” – 204 facets
  • Symmetry
  • Clarity (lack of imperfections in the rock)

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