The Prince and the Pauper – Chapter Seven – Fun Fact

Chapter 7 contains one of my favorite scenes in The Prince and the Pauper. Mark Twain exaggerates Tom’s first experience with his many royal servants for a comedic effect. It all culminates in a moment where Tom begins to twitch and his eyes begin to water. He finally reveals that his nose itches, and he is unsure if there is a servant to perform that task for him. So naturally that led me to wonder…

Why does our nose itch?

Poor Tom sat their miserably before finally scratching his itch. So what caused it? Watch the video for more information.

The Prince and the Pauper – Chapter Seven – Historical Tidbit

Do you ever feel like you wish someone would pick up your cup and just hand it to you? Or wish that someone would dress you in the morning? How about someone to help you go to the bathroom? Too far? If you answered yes to all of these questions then you might do well in a royal palace. Personally, this sounds like a nightmare to me, but I wanted to find out more about the people who did these roles. The Historical Tidbit for Chapter 7 of The Prince and the Pauper is focused on…ROYAL SERVANTS

The Prince and the Pauper – Chapter Seven – Vocabulary

The vocabulary word for Chapter 7 in The Prince and the Pauper is a versatile one. It is a verb that can be applied to behavior, physics, music, leadership, and all with slightly different meanings. Today we dive into the word…


The word ‘conducted’ comes up in The Prince and the Pauper fourteen times! For this reason, and for the somewhat unique way in which Twain uses it in the story, it became an ideal choice for a vocab word focus. Read the post or watch the video to get more information about the word.